064A1511 (2)Good Intentions
Short film (10 minutes)

Three unruly young brothers plot to steal their neighbour’s jewelry as a peace-offering for their mother.

Produced by Effy Papadopoulos Directed by Michelle Morris


MEET CUTE Poster WOMeet Cute
Short Film (15 minutes)

Bisexuality takes centre stage in this romantic comedy for the new millennium. Meet Cute takes sharp aim at the expectation of everyone to adhere to narrowly defined labels that, for most, simply don’t allow for the complexity of feelings and desires that are capable of existing within one heart. Fuelled by laughter and sincerity, Meet Cute dares to create a world beyond labels, where love is simply love.

Written by Patrick Currie and Brendee Green
Directed by Patrick Currie
Produced by Michele Picard, Michelle Morris, Yogi Omar